EXHIBITION – “Tiles in Brasília, Tiles in Lisbon” – Athos Bulcão and the tradition of Baroque Tiling

Interesting exhibition, which opened 2 days ago at Museu do Azulejo, highlighting the achievements and the shared taste in Brazil of integrating decorative tiles in the new modern architecture of the 40’s and 50’s, clearly as a heritage from the Portuguese tradition.


All pictures by Miguel Ferreira

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, dubbed “Igrejinha”, in Brasilia, project of Oscar Niemeyer with tiles by Athos Bulcão follows Lucio Costa’s concept regarding the application of large tiling panels in public buildings as a means of visual highlight to the user and the passer-by, and also as a way to remove the density and the idea of support of the walls. Does the job well!.


These panels include the famous stylized design of the dove and the Bethlehem star.


The “Salão Verde da Câmara dos Deputados” is an inner room inside the Brazilian Congress, in Brasília, also a project of Niemeyer with a garden designed by Burle Marx and the tiled panels also by Athos Bulcão.

The exhibition will run until the 28 of July 2013 link

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