Chess Set inspired by London’s Skyline

Ian Flood and Chris Prosser seem to have hit on a simple formula. They’ve used a 3-D printer to build up playing pieces shaped like prominent London architectural landmarks, with the following selection:

  • Pawn: a terraced house
  • Bishop: the Gherkin, with it’s mitre-like profile
  • Knight: the London Eye
  • Rook: Big Ben tower
  • Queen: the Shard
  • King: 1 Canada Square

The current set is merely a prototype. The pair are raising money via Kickstarter so they can create sets using compression moulding, metals or glass.

According to the authors 3-D printing, for all its promise, is currently too slow and expensive to produce sets in the quantities and quality needed — though it would be a possibility if the technology advances. Meantime, anyone can pledge money towards the kickstarter here, who knows if it doesn’t hit the shops soon.


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