Souto de Moura exhibition – 22 houses

Project for the exhibition Exposição Vinte e duas casas – Eduardo Souto de Moura held at Centro Cultural de Lagos in January to March of 2009. Touring exhibition produced by the OA (Architects Association) destined to easy assembly in multiple venues.

The main concept for this exhibition, destined to the general public, was to create sets that would dress up and disguise the existing space articulating large scale models in wood portraying emblematic works by Souto de Moura. Breaking the bluntness of the space in question was achieved with the large size of the floor-to-ceiling images combined with 22 individual panels which were standardized with the objective of having an easily assembled and ready-to-go-exhibition.

Individual brown painted plinths were created to display the scale models which were strategically positioned in the middle of the room. We made available, in a similar plinth, several books published with Souto de Moura’s works which could be accessed freely by the public. A short film on Braga’s football stadium directed by Edgar Pêra was also on display in a separate dark room.


Centro Cultural de Lagos
OA – Delegação do Algarve
Alexandre Barata
Jorge Rocha
Pelouro da cultura CDN/OA
Exhibition layout and display
António Miguel Ferreira
Project / Construction
Luís Ferreira Alves
Wood scale models
Álvaro Negrelo
Graphic design
Ruben Dias
Wood Plinths
Viva Mundial
Electricity, and video projection
Centro Cultural de Lagos
Exhibition printing
Na Rua
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