Steve Jobs presents the new Apple HQ in Cupertino

Steve Jobs explains to the City Council of Cupertino the proposal of a new headquarters for Apple.

He explains that it became necessary to concentrate all the employees who are dispersed by several rented buildings and who bought a lot that belonged previously to Hewlett & Packard.
In this video where Steve Jobs never mentions the name of the authors of the project, an interesting aspect is the moment when the different city councilors ask him questions about the advantages for the inhabitants in having this building built in Cupertino. All very normal and nothing similar to what happens in Portugal where these processes tend to be bureaucratized and complicated to the exhaustion of investors.
The land currently has 3,700 trees including apricot orchards and the project will rely on an arborist (?) To increase this number to a total of 6,000.


building concept - the architects collaborative, Portugal website by treffediffers 2012