Toyo Ito Tama Arts Library- How to get there

If you happen to be in Tokyo with nothing better to do, take the Yamanote Line to Shinjuku. In Shinjuku change to the Keiyo Line. Take the train to Hashimoto (inquiry at the information booth which will inform you of the different trains to Hashimoto; i.e., either express, direct or if it’s necessary to change trains (40 mins). Leave through Hashimoto Station’s North exit, use the escalators that will be on your left down to the Bus stops. Take the bus at stop nº 6 heading to Tama Bijutsu Daigaku, which is the last stop (10 min). The building is the first one on your left after passing the entrance gate of the Campus.
Visits are possible. Give your ID at the Library’s reception and you will be given a pass.
The building is divided in two storeys, on the 1st floor the main library space and on the ground floor, the reception, periodicals, music and movies consultation area and restrooms and a funky sofa! The South façade is facing a garden which is embraced in its concave shape.
The library features furniture specifically designed for the building, such as the “Video chairs” which wrap you inside them, the “multi-person” sofas, as well as undulating glass displays with no distinct shape.
On the main library floor there is an overall feeling of “openness” given the fact that most shelves are aprox. 1,3m height due to the barrier free planning which is standard in all of the levels.
All pictures by Miguel Ferreira


building concept - the architects collaborative, Portugal website by treffediffers 2012