Rooftop project – Lisbon

After 3 years since the “Rooftop project” was presented via Youtube and shortlisted for the finalists ceremony we see someone picking up on the concept. The usage of light weight constructive systems opens up enourmous possibilities over unused rooftops. 

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Lagos beach dubbed the “most beautiful on Earth”

Although these rankings and lists have a commercial side to it and are worth what they are worth, it is pleasant to see the Algarve referred to in such a kind form.

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Casa Covões

Casa Covões corresponds to a new building for a single family villa on old farm site located in the rural area of Pincho.

The house was set over an existing platform on the hill. The house is anchored and protected by two retaining walls on the North side, the access road is on the East is made via an existing road bordering a damn. From the distance, the volume of the building is fragmented so that different housing spaces correspond to unique roofs. The goal is to ensure that the new house integrates in the context through volume and scale in the landscape. A flat roof / açoteia that corresponds to the bedrooms and corridor at ground level articulates the two ends of the building.

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Pincho, Bensafrim, Lagos,
António Miguel Ferreira
Delfim Martins
Services Engineering
Sérgio Morgado
Nilton Pacheco
Heating systems and Plumming
Ciflux – Phillippe Belime
External Insulation
Roman Prystay
Project / Construction
building concept - the architects collaborative, Portugal website by treffediffers 2012